Celebrate the moments that matter with our captivating ring collection. From classic solitaires to contemporary designs, our rings are meticulously crafted to showcase beauty and individuality. Whether you’re expressing everlasting love or making a bold fashion statement, our diverse selection offers something for every taste. Explore the artistry of our rings and find the perfect symbol for your personal story.

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In the online store Kubachi jewelry you can buy gold rings with diamonds of 10 or 14 carats. There are rings made of white, red and yellow gold and their combinations, inserts of a single diamond or in combination with colored stones. You can pick up a ring of white or yellow gold with a diamond at the website price and with big discounts. We will help you with the size, make it as a gift and deliver the purchase to any city of the United States of America and any other country.

Gold rings with diamonds are the most expensive among jewelry, and there is a whole set of rituals around them. Today diamonds are also more often bought for engagements and weddings or worn on the way out, especially large ones. Such rings are a symbol of luxury, on par with expensive furs and fashion brand accessories. But fashion is becoming more democratic, and modern jewelry is worn at any time – if the diamonds in them are small, in combination with other stones.

When choosing, the size of the stone is important, whether there are other inserts and what kind, the shade of metal. For a wedding and everyday closet in light colors, it is better to buy a white gold ring with a diamond. It can be worn with silver jewelry, if you prefer them. Choosing a white gold ring with a diamond, look at the photos from our catalog and try to imagine how it will be combined with your clothes and accessories.

If the metal is of a warm shade, the jewelry is more suitable for festive occasions. A yellow gold ring with a diamond is more often worn at a wedding, with an evening dress, furs and leather. Combine it better with gold jewelry, where the same inserts or no stones at all. A red gold ring with a diamond is worn in a similar way, except that here combinations with rubies, emeralds and clothes of bright and warm colors are allowed.

There are also universal rules. Rings in laconic design and modern style can be worn even with a jacket and jeans, as well as – with a gold pendant, earrings, brooch or bracelet with small diamonds. Diamonds are not worn with clothing and accessories that have rhinestones or sequins on them. Within one piece of jewelry, diamonds can be combined with any other stones, but individually it is better to stop at 1-2 similar shades: for example, a ring with diamonds and jewelry with rubies and garnets.

The Kubachi Jewelry website offers a large catalog of diamond and Zirconia rings, among which you can choose models of different price ranges, from inexpensive to elite.

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